Westport Capital Partners LLC is an independent investment advisor registered with the SEC1, specializing exclusively in opportunistic Real Estate investing on behalf of a broad institutional client base of investor-partners.

As Real Estate investment specialists, our deep expertise, diverse experience, strong partnership orientation and extensive relationship networks enable Westport’s team of professionals to identify and capitalize on compelling risk-adjusted real estate value creation opportunities across a full spectrum of sectors, stages, strategies, instruments, and geographies – as well as in all market, economic, and asset-class life cycles.

Westport’s disciplined investment process across a multi-dimensional “ecosystem” of investment strategies allows us to adaptively manage and appropriately focus our resources, expertise and capabilities on those opportunities/situations of greatest potential for our investors among:

special core platform oportunistic tactical

Real Estate Investment Strategies

Opportunistic Real Estate
Investing Redefined 2

›› Flexible & Conservative
›› Innovative & Fundamental
›› Creative & Disciplined
›› Focused & Diversified
›› Entrepreneurial & Institutional
›› Independent & Aligned
›› Accountable & Collaborative

We appreciate and welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with investors to provide the most suitable strategy(ies) or customized solutions based on specific portfolio objectives, investment priorities, and risk parameters.

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  1. Westport is registered with the SEC as an investment adviser. Registration as an investment adviser does not imply any level of skill or training.
  2. The description of Westport's investment process contained herein is intended to be representative, but the investment process may be changed from time to time by Westport, and Westport may not perform certain steps, or may perform additional steps, in its discretion.