Westport periodically identifies “platform” investment opportunities in specific investment verticals or operating companies capable of generating value for investors as a standalone investment. Our current cold storage platform strategy is a representative example.

Cold Storage, Transportation and Logistics
One example of platform investing is in the rapidly evolving frozen food industry — specifically focusing on the sophisticated supply chain infrastructure for frozen food producers who increasingly require their products get to market on a just-in-time basis. Westport’s platform investment strategy is designed to provide state of the art fully integrated cold storage logistics services to premier multinational frozen food producers across the $233 billion global frozen food market.

The Westport platform investment operating company currently operates a network of warehouses across Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States – all designed to serve the needs of industry leading frozen food producers who desire high quality, automated, reliable and economical storage/handling solutions. This platform combines development expertise, proprietary automation, innovative management systems and a track record of operational excellence.

The description of Westport’s investment process contained herein is intended to be representative, but the investment process may be changed from time to time by Westport, and Westport may not perform certain steps, or may perform additional steps, in its discretion.