Value-driven investing across the capital structure in private and public markets

Westport specializes exclusively on real estate investing, with the goal of generating consistent and attractive risk-adjusted returns through a wide range of investments and across all market cycles.

WCP Diversified Funds

Westport’s diversified funds have the ability to dynamically shift allocations between value-add, opportunistic and distressed investments in response to market conditions.

WCP’s Value-Add investments generally focus on developing and executing sound business plans in assets that produce stable cash flow, revenue growth, expense control and long-term capital appreciation.

WCP's Value-Add portfolios typically have the following characteristics:

  • Emphasis on current income
  • Distributable annual cash flow  
  • Portfolio of more stabilized assets
  • Return targets and risk profiles commensurate with conservative investment parameters  

WCP’s Opportunistic Investments generally involve significant changes in either capitalization, renovation or repositioning throughout the investment.  

WCP’s Opportunistic Investments generally have the following characteristics:

  • Opportunities for significant capital appreciation, while supplementing returns with current cashflow
  • Assets with inadequate capitalization, prior mismanagement/neglect or poor leasing strategies
  • Existing buildings requiring renovation and/or repositioning
  • Commercial and residential property development or redevelopment

WCP’s Distressed Investments and related opportunities provide multiple potential drivers of return across market cycles. Our strong relationships provide excellent access to off-market transaction flow.

WCP’s Distressed Investments may have elements of the following themes:

  • Acquiring debt or equity interests owned by banks, special servicers or other lenders
  • Rescue financing/bridge lending
  • Real estate-related debt, such as whole mortgages, that can be acquired and converted into direct or indirect real property interests
WCP Specialized Funds

Westport periodically identifies specialized investment opportunities which we believe are capable of generating attractive value for investors on a standalone basis.

NewCold is a vertically integrated developer and operator of automated cold storage facilities with a global operating base and local infrastructure.

The Company has innovative operating expertise and proprietary technology in a critical supply chain.

  • Technologically advanced temperature controlled and ambient logistics platform disrupting the food supply chain industry
  • Existing portfolio of market leading warehouses and premier customers
  • Fully integrated proprietary design, technology and operations
  • Consolidated, efficient alternative to existing cold logistics solutions

WCP’s Single Family Rental strategy expects to construct a stabilized and diversified portfolio of single family homes in the US in locations with potential for high growth and high yield.  

WCP has partnered with a firm led by a seasoned team with a proprietary property management and acquisition technology solution.

  • Built on WCP’s prior experience in SFR
  • Business plan calls for acquisition of individual homes, “build-for-rent”, and tactical portfolios
  • Aimed at exploiting favorable dynamics in SFR created from durable demographic trends

WCP’s Homebuilder Inventory Solutions strategy is a source of residential lots for homebuilders in certain high growth markets in Florida.

We believe there is a compelling opportunity to create residential lot inventory for homebuilders.

  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns on an unlevered basis
  • Strong housing fundamentals
  • Lot supply has not recovered
  • Non-speculative approach with downside protection

WCP’s Real Estate Securities strategy seeks to identify mis-valued securities, both equity and debt, in event-driven situations.

The strategy targets securities in the real estate and real estate related sectors.

  • Compelling opportunity set with changing fundamental trends and real estate M&A Wave
  • Strategic approach in this underpenetrated sector benefits from WCP’s broader private market insight
  • Comprehensive investment process with an experienced team and a disciplined portfolio construction methodology