We believe that opportunities to purchase mispriced, misunderstood or event-driven/affected assets exist in virtually every type of market. Westport draws on its deep private real estate market expertise, experience, relationship networks and resources to identify opportunities like these where capital can be deployed in liquid securities and situations driven by or linked to underlying real estate values and prices — without owning or lending to underlying properties outright.

Our Tactical Real Estate Securities investment strategy employs an analytic, risk and liquidity management discipline for assessing, managing and monitoring securities positions relative to price targets, expected outcomes, and investment time horizons.

Our team evaluates a broad range of asset classes, security types and potential investment opportunities for these types of strategies, including:


  • Public Corporate Bonds (OTC)
  • Bank Debt (OTC)
  • Private Corporate Debt (OTC)
  • Municipal Bonds (OTC)

EQUITY (both REIT & non-REIT vehicles)

  • Common Stock (Exchange/OTC)
  • Preferred Stock (Exchange Traded)
  • Convertible Preferred Stock (Exchange Traded)
  • Options (OTC)


  • Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (OTC)
  • Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (OTC)
  • Tax Lien Claims (Bilateral)
  • Real Estate Mortgages (Bilateral)

The description of Westport’s investment process contained herein is intended to be representative, but the investment process may be changed from time to time by Westport, and Westport may not perform certain steps, or may perform additional steps, in its discretion.